Airtanker Operations

Queen Bee Air Specialties operates 4 AT-802 SEAT aircraft. All are equipped similarly and far in excess of the OAS required minimum equipment list.

All QBAS AT-802's are:

  • Airtanker Board approved as type III airtankers,
  • Equipped with dual FM com radios with wide/narrow band, guard, and digital capability,
  • Have dual victor (VHF air band) com radios,
  • Equipped with dual GPS,
  • Equipped with VOR, HSI, full ILS and marker beacon, and Full gyro panel,
  • Equipped with the Air Tractor FRDS digital constant flow door system, the most accurate, versatile and effective door system available on any SEAT. It's also the only SEAT door system approved by the Interagency Airtanker Board.

All of our AT-802 engines are well within TBO.
The PT-6A turbine engine powering the AT-802 is arguably the most reliable engine made, with a MTBF for in-flight failure of greater than 120,000 hours. That's a track record 3 to 6 times better than any piston engine. (Source: P&W and NTSB)

Pilot Qualifications for SEAT Operations can be found in Section B10 of the current Federal On-Call Contract @
However, Queen Bee Air Specialties, Inc. requires greater qualifications than those outlined in the contract.